Home Again

We have arrived home on the Sunshine Coast after 6 weeks travelling in our caravan. Since arriving back on the coast we have been busy unpacking the truck and caravan and cleaning up around the yard which has been neglected during our absence. We still have the task of cleaning the van and undertaking some minor repairs and improvements to it ahead of us.

Parked at home

Parked at home

From the Gold Coast we drove up to Kilcoy to stay a couple of days with friends. While at Kilcoy we had the van serviced and some improvements and protection measures installed to ensure less hassles on future trips. We enjoyed the time with our friends and the hospitality extended to us during our stay.

On Thursday 15th May we left Kilcoy and arrived back on the Sunshine Coast at mid-morning. After locating the van in its permanent parking area we enjoyed morning coffee before starting the task of unpacking both vehicles. Life is now in the process of returning to normal (whatever that is) and the routine of daily life is slowly taking over from the enjoyment of travelling.

Our trip encompassed some 8338 kilometres over a period of 42 days. We travelled from the Sunshine Coast to Broken Hill in New South Wales and Port Augusta in South Australia then to Alice Springs in the Northern Territory and Mt Isa in Queensland. From Mt Isa we travelled south to Birdsville then east to Toowoomba and north to Bundaberg before visiting the Gold Coast and Kilcoy before returning home to the Sunshine Coast.

The Trip as it happened

The Trip as it happened

For those interested in statistics, fuel costs were in the order of $3,600 and accommodation fees around $1,050. We stayed in 23 different locations in a mixture of caravan parks and free camps. We will be home for about ten weeks before we leave on our next trip to Northern Queensland and the tip of Cape York.

Till next time when we see you on the road!

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