Our Former Tow Vehicle

Nissan with Retreat Attached

Nissan with Retreat Attached

In 2015 we completed a long trip around Australia; after this trip we decided it was time to sell the caravan and explore other methods of travel to satisfy our wanderlust.  Having sold the caravan we then decided we didn’t need the faithful Nissan any longer as there was no need for it 3 ton tow capacity and we opted to buy a smaller vehicle.  We opted for a Subaru Outback diesel in which to continue our touring and will pursue different options for accommodation along the way.

The tow vehicle we previously used for our travels was a 2010 Nissan Navara dual cab four-wheel drive utility with a 2500cc turbo charged diesel engine. We made some modifications to the vehicle adding “Clear View” mirrors to aid visibility when towing the caravan. We also installed a Brown Davis long-range tank to allow us to travel further between fuel stops.

Our Current Tow Vehicle - 2010 Nissan Navara

Our Former Tow Vehicle – 2010 Nissan Navara

A Steinbauer Power Module was fitted to the Nissan and the increased torque resultant from this addition has been well worth the expenditure. We also fitted a Beaudesert Exhausts system to round out the mix. This unit towed our caravan with ease and we were quite happy with the combination.

Our current tow vehicle with a previous caravan

The Nissan with a previous caravan

Ready to leave St George

Ready to leave St George

We also added roof bars  and an awning to the truck; the bars allowed us to use a roof basket when carrying an extra spare wheel on more remote trips.  The roof rack also gave us some flexibility when carrying camping gear (such as for our trip to Cape York in 2014).

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